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Five Layer Farming ( Subash Palekar Method) | Farm Natura

This concept is driven and mentored by Shri Subash Palekar across India. Five Layer Farming is highly beneficial for a farmer to generate monthly income in a small land itself. 

As a part of Five Layer Farming with main crop Mango at 36ft, Guava at 18ft, and Moringa at 9ft from each end is planted at Farm Natura.

Guava and Moringa can be replaced with pomegranate and papaya respectively. Vegetables and creepers are cultivated in between these three layers.

This cultivation method benefits the crop in creating biodiversity as the different crops balance the nutrients and form humus in the soil and the nitrogen cycle takes place. This process helps in the regular harvest in all seasons.  The team mulch the grass around our crop thus acts a compost naturally.

The Role of Earthworm in Natural Farming | Farm Natura

The planet green is the community, creating a farming eco-system and conceptual living communities. One of them is a farmland community where living off-grid is the culture. 
The Indian agriculturalist, Subhash Palekar said in the forest from grass to large trees it is grown on itself without fertilizers and pesticides. Forests are the best examples of natural farming. 

They give a large yield of fruits naturally because of the biodiversity. The nutrients are exchanged between every plant and create humus in the soil. Earth warms dig tunnels, excrete waste in the soil thus it is fertilized naturally. Forests produce more yield just because they are grown naturally and no pesticides are used there. Here we use cow dung, cow urine mixed with leaves making our natural fertilizers. 

Carve your own Art at Farm Natura Pottery Studio | Farm Natura

We all played with clay when were kids. The sky is the limit when it comes to our imagination - Elephants, robots, dinosaurs, Cars, houses - we name it - we all have created with our own hands.

Pottery Studio at Farm Natura, Farm Living Community, Nednur wants the child in you to be alive!

It invites you to lay your hand on the clay, carve it to a form that you have envisioned. Of course, you have potter guidance too.

Come join the farm side living bliss at Farm Natura Community