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The Need For An Off-Grid Living For Hyderabadis Or Nearing Off-Grid Living

Updated: Jan 25

Hyderabad is a city that started from a cultural hub of being a confluence of traditions is racing to be a city that never sleeps. Just around the 90s, when the transition happened – urbanization is on the key rise for entire India and that includes Hyderabad.

Off-Grid Living

Let’s make the city great – Migrations are on a full rise for the last couple of decades, which resulted in urban infrastructure that aids and accommodates, and attracts more migration.

Isolation from Nature – A city of lakes and green belts what it used to be Hyderabad is now a city of the concentric concrete jungle, with open lands kept for future development. While no one needs data to prove the increasing pollution levels in and around the city, access to a convenient green belt, even to breathe fresh air has turned a challenge till recent times.

Living life on the green side is therefore a matter of convenience but a matter of urgency for Hyderabadis – not just for the generation who at least had an access to the green and outside nature, when they were growing up, but to the children who were brought up in vertical structures in 60X30 sqft apartment.

Their connect with greens is a calendar appointment at times, thanks to schools who ensure field trips.

Bringing a nearing off-grid living concept – Off-grid living is primarily a well-accepted life-style in Europe, where the urban families move to woods or peri-urban regions and live in communities that are self-reliant on food and water resources. Their access to city utilities is limited to a fortnight or monthly basis. They live on doing farming with their own hands, living on a frugal and minimalistic life scenario – Minimalism – a moral or a lifestyle that emerged from our saints or monks of Indian culture to live on limited resources and not be a burden to the earth is a well-followed culture across the world, except India.

While there are families and communities which adopted off-grid living in India around Pune and Bangalore, Hyderabad- the lifestyle is still at a nascent stage.

Not a plotted, not farmland – but a collective farm living that aspires to be off-grid living as it endures with like-minded community members is what Farm Natura farmland community aiming to be.

With Natural farming practices at the heart of the community, Farm Natura aspires to create a well-balanced living cum retreat lifestyle- suited to live a frugal yet comfortable life for a family in the long run.

It’s the beginning of a much-needed life for the nature-loving Hyderabadi families who wish to live a farmer, nature-seeker, outdoor lover off-the-busy-grid culture as created by Planet Green through Farm Natura in Nednur village, thus creating a mindful development on srisailam highway.

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Farm lands in Farm Natura offers a gratifying value addition for those willing to make a positive impact on the self and nature. Building a community of like-minded families from Hyderabad where life is centered around farming.

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